Medical Alert

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service

Why Lifeline?

Millions of seniors and their families along with countless health care providers choose Lifeline over any other Medical Alert service. We can help you choose a service that is right for you.

Homesafe Standard

Help is the push of a button away. Your signal reaches our response center located in Massachusetts in moments and the response team quickly dispatches help according to the subscriber’s wishes.
Landline to Use HomeSafe Wireless

Homesafe with Auto Alert

All the benefits of Homesafe Standard plus an added layer of protection, Auto Alert will send a signal in the event of a fall even if the subscriber is unable to push their button. Auto Alert is the most often chosen fall detection service in the United States. *(claim based on the number of subscribers)*
GoSafe Mobile


Goes anywhere with you. Any hour, any day, the GoSafe pendant provides two way communication with the Lifeline call center. The 6 advanced locating technologies can locate subscribers in most any situation. The GoSafe pendant includes Auto Alert technology.

For Your Wireless Needs

No landline phone is needed and no additional cell phone plan is required.

Our local service technicians will perform a range test at each installation allowing subscribers to know where they can access Lifeline: No long-term contract, cancellation or service fees. 

*Auto Alert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help. Button signal can vary due to environmental factors.
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