About Us

Meet Our Dedicated Team 

Help Unlimited Inc is proud to have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. 

Since 1980, our family-owned and operated company has helped countless customers like you with experienced and compassionate elderly care services and medical alert assistance. If you'd like to learn more about our products and services, schedule a FREE in-home consultation by calling 860-274-7511.
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Denise Charette, Owner

Denise began her career as a nurse. She soon discovered that she was best suited for helping senior citizens, eventually founding Help Unlimited Inc.

Denise has owned and operated Help Unlimited Inc since 1980, bringing supportive home care services to seniors in the surrounding communities.

Diane Ostuni, Manager

Diane has been working at Help Unlimited Inc for 20 years. She has assisted numerous individuals and families with managing their finances.

Diane is our office manager and supports our staff efforts by overseeing each department. She also develops relationships with our clients, referrers, and the communities we serve.
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Sharon Squires, Scheduling Lead

Sharon has served as our scheduling lead for more than 12 years. She works closely with care managers, clients, and caregivers to create the strong relationships that are necessary for providing a steady flow of care to all clients.

Kathy Ayotte, Financial Manager

Kathy is one of our bill payers / financial managers. She started working for us 16 years ago and comes from the home care field. Kathy helps with bill paying, budgeting, and bookkeeping.

Kathy has a firm yet kind approach that's proven to help restore balance to her clients' financial situations.

Ana Cotto, Payroll

Ana joined our family-owned and operated company 5 years ago as our billing and payroll specialist. Her great attention to detail and easy personality are essential to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Brittany Charette, Lifeline Program Manager

Brittany is the newest member of our team and a recent MBA graduate from Post University. She manages the Lifeline program at Help Unlimited Inc and works closely with our clients and care managers. She has been responsible for multiple system upgrades and has brought a fresh approach full of new ideas.

Fiqirete Manaj, Finance Manager

Fiqirete has worked for us since 2004 and is one of our financial managers / bill payers. She loves being challenged, and she's known for going above and beyond in her work. Fiqirete has been very successful in stabilizing her clients' finances.
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